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Canada PR

About Canada PR

Canada PR visa is a popular choice for those looking to migrate to Canada. The immigrant-friendly policies of Canada and the government’s encouragement of migrants to come and settle here have motivated many to try and migrate here. Apart from this, settling down in Canada holds the promise of a comfortable lifestyle and the right living conditions. There are numerous job opportunities and the promise of personal freedom. One of the options to migrate to Canada is to obtain a Permanent Resident (PR) visa. With a PR visa, you will be given permanent resident status. The validity of a PR visa is five years which can later be renewed. The PR visa does not make you a citizen of Canada; you are still a citizen of your native country.

If you are lucky enough to qualify for a PR visa through the Express Entry program, you can be selected from a pool of eligible candidates based on your Express Entry profile. You will get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR status. If you get your ITA you can start the documentation process for your PR visa. The ITA is similar to a response sent by the IRCC to Express Entry applicants. It is sent to those who have the highest CRS score in a particular Express Entry draw which is usually held on a monthly basis. Once you receive your ITA, you are given 90 days to submit documents that support the information you provided to create your Express Entry profile. The ITA will let you know which program you have been selected to apply for your PR visa- CEC or any other Express Entry program. If you check the Express Entry portal, you will find a list of documents that is specific to the program you have applied for. You will also have to submit these documents with your application.

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